Waterville High School Drama


some important thespian information

Head of WSHS Thespian Society Troupe #2926: Paula Pooler
Email: ppooler@aos92.org

Thespian membership is a great motivator for students to become more active in their school’s theatre program. The skills that are learned through theatre are creativity, self-confidence, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. These skills will benefit students in their school days and beyond. Also, thespian membership is an honor and evidence of their continuing desire to work toward higher standards in theatre and the arts. The friendships made are rewarding and long-lasting.

A high school thespian member receives:

  • One-year subscription to Dramatics magazine
  • Induction into the thespian society at the drama banquet
  • Membership card and silver insignia pin
  • Honor certificate for 20+ points received
  • Honor Cord to be worn at graduation
  • Medallian to be worn at graduation
  • Wonderful addition to a resume and/or portfolio
  • Thespian membership is shown on diploma
  • Thespians are eligible for scholarships on the state and international levels

How do you become a thespian?

  • A student must earn 10 points over their four years in high school to become a thespian. Whether you are in a one-act or full-length play, you earn points for the following roles: (points vary depending on the role)
  • Acting – Major role, a minor role, a walk-on, chorus, dancer, understudy
  • Production – Stage manager, stage crew, lighting technician, lighting crew, set designer, set construction crew, costume crew, sound technician, sound crew, video crew, make-up manager, rehearsal prompter, pianist, musicians
  • Business -Business crew, publicity crew, ticket crew, ushers, program crew
  • Directing – Director, assistant director, vocal director, choreographer, assistant choreographer
  • Miscellaneous – Duet acting scenes, oral interpretation, attending a performance or festival


northeast thespians

Leaders from the eight states of the NorthEast have come together to organize a region-wide festival to provide a rich and diverse festival that makes it possible to experience the many theatre resources of our region.

This event is intended to provide unique educational opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to our students, such as Individual Events, Festival Showcase, Tech Challenge and more.

The NorthEast Thespian Festival moves from state to state each year and is open to any school that wishes to participate. Membership in the Educational Theatre Association and/or International Thespian Society is not required.

For more information on the Educational Theatre Association and International Thespian Society, please visit schooltheatre.org.

Thanks to Northeast Thespians for the above information.


Two of our actors receiving honors cords for drama.


international thespian society

How do students benefit?

They experience Pride, Affirmation, Confidence, and Inspiration. As members of ITS, students will be honored on a national level and have access to resources beyond those of their school. Below are a few reasons to be a part of this organization.

  1. ITS state and national events, including the International Thespian Festival, with workshops, college, and scholarship auditions, as well as opportunities to showcase and receive an assessment on tech and performance skills.
  2. A membership card, certificate, and induction pin.
  3. Thespians receive print and digital subscriptions to Dramatics magazine, the only publication edited exclusively for theatre students and teachers.
  4. Student leadership opportunities at the troupe, state, and national levels that provide forums to learn and put their leadership skills to work.
  5. ITS honor society membership to enhance college and employment applications.

How does it work?

The ITS group at each school is known as a troupe and is led by a troupe director, usually the school’s theatre teacher. The troupe is the school’s theatre honor society, and students earn induction based on their achievements in its theatre program.

Tracking Achievement: ITS point system guides help track student work in performance, tech, and production staff categories. In fact, inductees must earn points over the course of more than one production and in more than one discipline.

Junior Thespian troupes include students in grades 6-8 who have completed at least 50 hours of excellent work.

Thespian troupes include students in grades 9-12 who have completed at least 100 hours of excellent work.

Honoring continuing achievement: Students continue to earn ITS points beyond induction to achieve progressively higher honors.

Rewarding academic achievement: A GPA of 3.0 earns inductees the first of three ITS scholar distinctions.

Thanks to the International Thespian Society for the above information.