Waterville Senior High School Speech Team 2020-2021

The Year Of Covid-19

“The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson – former American professional basketball player, coach, and executive in the National Basketball Association.


“I’m sure the WSHS Speech Team will have an awesome 2020-2021 year even during these difficult Covid times. I know this year will bring good things to all involved. Thanks everyone for all the support. Keep up the great work!

Ms. Giguere

!!!! Great News !!!!

The Speech Team Won The Sweeps Award For Highest Point Count At  Maine District National Qualifiers Tournament On Saturday March 27, 2021

Missing from photo is Alice Willette.

May 19, 2021 – The End Of The Year Speech Team Awards Banquet

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 Team members from left to right include: Carolyn Kinney, Alice Willette, Kassidy Gordon, Colette Carrillo, Emily Campbell, Alejandra Garcia-Pollis, Angela Errigo, Aivlin Moss and coach Gayle Giguere in front.

March 27, 2021 – The Speech Team Won The Sweeps Award For Highest Point Count At This Saturday’s Maine District National Qualifiers Tournament.

We are stunned and so happy! Aside from this honor, we had 3 students qualify for Nationals in June and 2 students make alternate.

  • Dramatic Interpretation: Alice Willette
  • Humorous Interpretation: Colette Carrillo
  • Informative Speaking: Carolyn Kinney
  • Original Oratory: (Alt) Alejandra Garcia-Pollis
  • Program of Oral Interpretation: Colette Carrillo

Missing from photo is Alice Willette.

February 27, 2021 – Waterville Speech Takes 2’nd In States

Waterville High School’s Speech Team continued its ascent in speech meets throughout the set by placing 2’nd in states. Congratulate the team members if you see them. Thanks, speech members, for another great year and for working so hard. You’ve all been fantastic! 

February 6, 2021 Meet

Waterville Takes First Place Out Of 24 Competing Teams At The February 6’th 2021 Speech And Debate Tournament!

If  You See These Students Please Congratulate Them On A Job Well Done!

The Following Students Won Medals:

Oratorical Declamation: 1st place- Alejandra Garcia-Pollis; 3rd place Aivlin Moss

Humorous Interpretation: 1st place Colette Carrilo

Original Oratory: 1st place Alejandra Garica-Pollis

Original Works: 1st place Emily Campbell

Informative Speaking: 2nd Carolyn Kinney

Dramatic Interpretation: 2nd place Kassidy Gordan

Prose Novice: 2nd Place Aivlin Moss; 3rd place Alice Willette

Program of Oral Interpretation: 2nd Place Colette Carrillo

Oral Interpretation of Literature: 3rd place Emily Campbell

Poetry Novice: 2nd place Alice Willette

The Mighty Speech Team Of 2021

Front: Aivlin Moss, Alice Willette, Colette Carrillo
Back: Alejandra Garcia-Pollis, Angela Errigo, Kassidy Gordon, Carolyn Kinney, Emily Campbell.

January 23, 2021 Meet

Waterville came in 2nd out of 20 schools!!! Wow, are we thrilled! A small but mighty team!!

Oratorical Declamation: 1st place: Alejandra Garica Pollis

Original Works: 1st Place: Emily Campbell

Oral Interpretation of Literature: 1st Place: Emily Campbell

Program of Oral Interpretation: 2nd Place: Colette Carrillo

Novice Prose: 2nd Place: Alice Willette

Novice Poetry: 3rd Alice Willette

Dramatic Interpretation: 3rd Place: Kassidy Gordan

Original Works: 4th Place: Angela Errigo

Our Speech Team members from left to right: Alejandra Garica Pollis, Kassidy Gordon, Alice Willette, Angela Errigo, Colette Carrillo, and Emily Campbell.
Our Speech Team from left to right: Kassidy Gordon, Alice Willette, Morgan Folsom, Alejandre Garcia-Pollis, Aivlin Moss, and Carolyn Kinney. Missing from this photo: Colette Carrillo, William Jackson, Emily Campbell.

January 9, 2021 Meet

We’re thrilled to announce we came in 3rd out of 20 teams.

Colette Carrillo: 1st -Program of Oral Interpretation

Emily Campbell: 2nd- Original Works

Emily Campbell: 2nd- Oral Interpretation of Literature

Alice Willette: 1st- Novice Prose

December 19, 2020 Meet

Out of 23 schools, Waterville placed 3rd. I’m so proud of our small but mighty team!

1st Oratorical Declamation:: Alejandre Garcia Pollis

2nd Informational Speaking: Carolyn Kinney

2nd Prose Reading: Alice Willette

2nd Dramatic Interpretation: Kassidy Gordon

3rd Program of Oral Interpretation Colette Carillo

3rd Poetry Reading: Alice Willette