Waterville High School Drama

2020-2021 Play Ralph Roister Doister

The Difficult Year Of Covid 19

Ralph Roister Doister is a sixteenth-century play by Nicholas Udall, which was once regarded as the first comedy to be written in the English language. The play is written in five acts. The plot of the play centers on a rich widow, Christian Custance, who is betrothed to Gawyn Goodluck, a merchant. Ralph Roister Doister is encouraged throughout by a con-man trickster figure (Matthew Merrygreeke) to woo Christian Custance, but his pompous attempts do not succeed. Ralph then tries with his friends and servants (at Merrygreek’s behest) to break in and take Christian Custance by force, but they are defeated by her maids and run away. The merchant Gawyn arrives shortly after and the play concludes happily with reconciliation, a prayer, and a song.

Director: Ms. Gayle Giguere

Technical Director: Andrew Eason

Music Director: Sue Barre

Costume Direction: Cynthia Cloutier

Costumes: Elle King

Building Crew: Zoey Trussell, Olivia Hanley, Mya Wasileski, Logan Turner

Building Crew: Zoey Trussell, Olivia Hanley, Mya Wasileski, Logan Turner

Light Board: Olivia Hanley


Ralph Roister Doister
Vinny Palmer

Mathew Merrygreek
Colette Carrillo

Dame Christian Custance
Zoey Trussell

Gawyn Goodluck
Alex Renaud

Tristan Trustie
Eva Burdin

Dobinet Doughtie
Owen Evans

Delaney Doe

Tom Truepenny
Lily Ker

Sym Sureby
William Jackson

Margerie Mumblecrust
Sarah McNeil

Tibet Talkapace
Evelyn Fuentes

Annot Alyface
Hannah Hall

Minstrels: piano, violins, tambourine, drums
Inga Zimba, Karin Zimba, Annamarie Limberger, Hazel Dow

Cast Photo

Ralph Roister Doister Complete Play On Video

Ralph Roister Doister Photos

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