2021-2022 ONE ACT Play “Werewolf”
By Waterville High School Drama

“Werewolf” By Waterville High School For Maine State One-Acts


The Maine State One Acts presentation of “Werewolf” will be on Friday, March 25’th at 8:00 pm.

Werewolf is a one-act comedy by William Gleason
While in college, William Gleason won a one-act play contest for Werewolf. The performance was well-received, prompting Gleason’s professor to send it to Dramatic Publishing for consideration, and it was published. He also wrote the plays ‘Louder, I Can’t Hear You” , “Teen Court” and many others. His plays have been performed in all 50 states, every province of Canada, and in seven foreign countries.

The Plot Summary Of “Werewolf”: A One Act Comedy

Harold, unfortunately, is not really a werewolf he’s a loser. He’s been such a loser all his life that it’s finally driving him quite mad.

His escape is the delusion that he has turned into a werewolf. The major problem is that even as a werewolf he’s a failure. He can’t scare anybody.

As Harold relates his story to a long-suffering psychoanalyst, the audience sees that what he tells the doctor and the way things actually happen are quite different.

As Harold tells how he terrifies his wife, Lovey, we see the reality in which Lovey responds to his “werewolf” pose with, “If you want to play doggie, go outside!”

Dramatic Publishing

The Characters

DOCTOR: A Psychiatrist

HAROLD: The Patient

LOVEY: Harold’s Wife

MUMSY: Harold’s Mother


The Setting

The Doctor’s office taking place in the present

First Read-Through Of “Werewolf.”

Rehearsal Photos